The Untold Story Of General Sam Manekshaw | Rs 1000 & The Motorcycle | 1947 & 1971 War

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The Motorcycle,

Noida: We find This very Interesting Story So Sharing.

A new nation was born in 1947 and the officers of defense forces were choosing their sides to align – India or Pakistan. A young Major named Yahya Khan chose to go to Pakistan. As he was leaving India, he went to one of his fellow officer who owned a red colored James motorcycle. Yahya told this fellow officer that how much he loved his motorcycle and wanted to purchase it from him for Rs. 1000(It was a big amount then). The deal was sealed and Yahya promised to send the money once he reaches Pakistan. The officer who sold the motorcycle kept waiting for the money, but Rs 1000 never came.

24 years later, in December 1971, India won the war against Pakistan, and Bangladesh was created. Yahya Khan was the President of Pakistan at that time. The Chief of Indian Army, General Sam Manekshaw was addressing a gathering after victory where he said, “Yahya never paid me the Rs 1000 for my motorbike, but now he has paid with half his country.” Yes.

It was Sam Bahadur who sold his motorcycle for Rs 1000 to Yahya Khan back in 1947, and got payment 24 years later in the form of Bangladesh.

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