The Most Unique Sherman Tank 

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Indian units during WWII were equipped with Sherman Mk Vs. These Shermans were kept in service with the Indian Army after independence too.  However India modified them at their requirements. And those changes were actually unique as no other country around the world saw such unique modifications.  Surprisingly due to these modifications those are wrongly termed as of Pakistani origin.

 1.  75 mm M3 L/40 Gun was replaced by Soviet DT-56T 76mm which is taken from Russian PT-76. Pakistan never operated them. Though in wars they were able to capture some no but they were so insufficient in no to be used in modifications
2.  India always used Sherman V of British origin only. What India procured from US were M4A1E4 and M4A3E4. Later they were modified with not only just Soviet DT-56T but also 75 mm CN 75-50. Pakistan used only M4A1E4 of US origin. 

i) The unique character in  British design is only British turret has commander hatch with all-round vision cupola. None of Pakistani Sherman will show this character.

ii) Only British designs have reinforced ribs on the idler wheel 

iii) Indian Sherman used T-49 tracks in most designs where Pakistani Shermans used T-62 tracks.

So easily, Indian and Pakistani Shermans can be differentiated, at least in most cases.
This tank in picture is kept at Ajni Square, NagpurNagpur

(captured Pakistani Sherman)

(Indian Sherman Mk 5)
Image Credits fully to the owners , collected from DFI

Praveen Sathaye (collected from DFI)

Information courtesy: Mr Kunal Biswas



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