T-90 MS of India: Important Features

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   India is going to procure 464 T-90 MS main battle tank from Russia. These T-90 MS will be operated alongside existing 1250 T-90 Bhismas (total estimated no of Bhismas are expected 1377) . The new procurement is keeping in mind growing threat of Peoples’ Republic of China and their armoured concentration in Himalayan region. The need of  T-90 MS in the region already explained . Now here we should concentrate on features Indian T-90MS are going to get.
  Like T-90 Bhismas, Indian T-90 MS too will be a further upgraded version of original Russian T-90 MS versions. Several modifications will be done. Some of the features which will be incorporated in MS, developed both indigenously or by a foreign country,are…. 
1) Armour : 
A new kind of armour will be used in the turret. But it wasn’t explained if the new armour feature will be a new improved version of Indian composite  armour, Kanchan Armour ( the latest version of it is used in Arjun Mk 2) or a new indigenous explosive/non explosive reactor armour  (latest indigenous ERA-IIs are used in Arjun Mk-2, Bhisma and Combat Improved Ajeyas). The source however assured either one will be implemented.

Either in the case, will feature better protection than Russian counterparts.
2) Main Gun : 

 An Indianised improved version of 125 mm 2A46-M5 Rapira main gun will be used. Currently Bhismas and Ajeyas have indigenous 125 mm guns which are equivalents of 2A46/2A46-M5 gun, but in case of Indian T-90MS, an improved version will be used. 
3) Engine :
 Russian V-92S2F turbocharged diesel engine, developing 1130 hp power. Unlikely indigenous engine will be used. 
4)  CLGM :

 Fully laser guided Lahat missile will be used. This feature is originally developed for Arjun series tanks, but now MS will also get the deadly feature.

  Not just Lahat, high chances of Nag too being attached to the tank to increase lethality.
6) Indigenous Missile Approach Warning System
7) Possibly LEDS 150 Active Protection System, or indigenous system if successful may be incorporated
8) Integrated Battlespace Management System developed by BEL.
9) Software-defined radio suite and a health-and-usage management for on-board systems diagnosis by BEL.
10) Fibre-optic gyro-based land navigation system by HAL .  
11) Russian cryogenic cooling system to reduce heat signature 
12)  New Kalina Fire Control System or FCS
13) DRDO/Elbit Laser Warning Control System 
14) DRDO/BCL Mobile Camouflaging System
15) New aerosol smoke grenades will be attatched 

16) Vaccum or Lekalo rounds may be procured

There are lots of more infos are available, but only some very important features are mentioned here. All the features mentioned are expected to be fulfilled. T-90 MS is a new generation main battle tank, which India will modify to a finest level.
 The first delivery of T-90 MS expected to be during 2019-20. But, once delivered, along with Arjun Mk-2 it will be a total game changer.

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