Some Important Operations Conducted By NSG

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National Security Guard (NSG)

made their debut at the Republic Day parade this year. A contingent of some 60 commandos marched with pride in front of thousands of exited crowd. We know you enjoyed them marching very much.

But do you know why NSG is so much important? Let’s look into the history and operations of NSG today.
The National Security Guards (NSG) was  raised following the 1984 army led Operation Bluestar that caused not only to widespread damage to the Golden Temple complex but also poorly coordinated mission led to high casualties for army . Shortcomings and loopholes in that operation indicated that it was high time they needed a highly specialised force for executing such operations with greater precision. Then NSG was raised by the Cabinet Secretariat under the National Security Guard Act of 1985.  Being well and extensively trained they are expert in from  counter terrorism to hostage rescue operation, from explosive defusing to vvip security. They are one of the best counter

terrorism unit in India. But their reputation as expert in handling hostage rescue operations has given them a world wide reputation.

How much better they are from a normal conventional soldier (no question on his capability ) and why the terrorists fear them, let’s look at some of the examples….
1) During the unfortunate Operation Bluestar, 1984, around 10000 armed forces members with the support of tanks, apcs, field gun etc tried to remove militant religious leader

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his militant armed followers from the complex buildings. The operation did not went smooth. Casualty figures of Operation Blue Star given by Major General Kuldip Singh Brar put the number of deaths among the Indian army at 83 dead and 249 injured. According to the official estimate presented by the Indian government, 493 militants and civilians were killed.

Now see what was the result when NSG intervened

In 1986 and 1988 a similar like 1984 situation arrived. But this time NSG were sent to handle the situations. In two different operations, Black Thunder I and Black Thunder II, NSG took out at least 41 and around 500 terrorists were either captured or surrendered. And NSG faced not a single casualties. Such a huge success!
2) In 1990, NSG rescued hostages of a Thai airbus by Burmese students.
3) In 1993, NSG came to lime light of world military enthusiast when they rescued 141 passengers of  Airlines Boeing 737. Known as Operation Ashwamedh, in this, just 14 NSG members rescued entire crew and passengers unharmed, took out all the three (or two, based on sources) terrorists within just 12 seconds! This is one of the quickest (if not the quickest) aircraft hostage rescue operations around the world. Before the terrorists could find out what was going on they were already dead!

You surely should be proud for NSG for this operation.
4) In 1999, NSG commandos rescued 12 hostages unharmed in J&K in a 30 hour long operation.
5) We all know how was the situation during 26/11. Many military strategists admit that NSG operation was almost a disaster. But don’t forget that operation was World’s one of the largest hostage rescue operation. Rescuing such a huge no of hostages, a matter of pride.
Here we presented just a few. But NSG has conducted 105 (most probably) operations. And despite of their involvement in such a huge no of operations, the casualties suffered by NSG is surprisingly low, very low. 5 commandos still now have been martyred. Any loss of lives of commandos is really sad. But you have to admit, still very low death comparing to other forces (though their roles are different)
With a glorious history, indomitable mental strength and legendary bravery have made NSG a force upon whom all Indians can take pride.
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