Russian Scandal of Su-30MKI Emerges 

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​In India, an embarrassing situation is raising over quality and serviceability of Russian supplied and HAL assembeled. Currently, the majority of the current armada is in consistent repair.The 218-page report submitted to the Indian Parliament stipulates that the accessibility of Su-30 was surprisingly low, and the dependability and survivability of battle vehicles is lower than it was declared.Out of 210 airplanes at the transfer of the Indian Air Forces, from 115 to 126 flying machines are being repaired on the ground at all times. However, Russia is continually upsets the conveyance of extra parts, and those that are provided are of insufficient quality. Out of those air ships conveyed to India since 2002, 6 machines were lost because of glitches amid the flight. Total of 35 scenes of motor disappointment and power misfortune were recorded.The existing contract covers the supply of 272 Su-30 machines to India, however as of now Indian Parliament is thinking about the refusal of further buys of Russian jets instead move for Western origin machines. 

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  1. While the assessment regarding availability of jets might be true but the objective looks more like marketing a western jet.

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