Russian Intel ships sinks off Black Sea

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The Russian Intel Ship, Liman, sank after colliding with a vessel carrying livestock near Turkey’s Black Sea Coast, on Thursday, Turkey’s coastal safety authority says.

The other participant of the collision was the Togo-flagged Youzarsif H. The incident took place in fog and low visibility 18 miles (29 km) from Kilyos village on the Black Sea coast just north of Istanbul.

Turkish authorities dispatched a tugboat and three fast rescue vessels and all 78 people on board the intelligence ship were rescued, according to the authorities.

When the collision took place, at 11.45 am (0845 GMT), the Bosphorus had already been closed to shipping because of the poor visibility, shipping agency GAC said.

Russian warships frequently pass through the narrow Bophorus Strait, which cuts through Istanbul, on their way from the Black Sea to Syria’s Mediterranean coast.

This resulted in a storm of memes with amused international reaction considering the class of the vessels involved.

Liman was a Soviet-era ship commissioned in the 1970s and built in Poland. “It is mostly unarmed, but carries a radar station, a hydroacoustic detector and other reconnaissance equipment needed to track surface ships and submarines,” it said.

Later all crew were transferred to the Russian cargo ship Ulus Star.



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