Prithvi – 1 (SS 150)

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Prithvi I class is a surface-to-surface missile having a maximum warhead mounting capability of 1,000 kg, with a range of 150 km (93 mi). It has an accuracy of 10–50 m (33–164 ft) and can be launched from transporter erector launchers. This class of Prithvi missile was inducted into the Indian Army in 1994. Prithvi -1 is the only missile that was launched from ISRO’s Shri Harkota Space Centre during its first ever test.

As Per (DRDO) Chief Avinash Chander the tactical 150 km-range Prithvi missile will be replaced with the Prahaar missile, which is more capable and has more accuracy.” According to Chander, the Prithvi I missiles withdrawn from service would be upgraded to be used for longer ranges.


The Prithvi-I has been test fired at least twice from mobile launchers by artillery personnel. The mobile launcher, mobile launch control and user version of the ground system including software, have been validated. Reportedly, the Prithvi-I can be armed with five different types of conventional warheads. A prefragmented warhead has been developed which has performed satisfactorily in dynamic and static trials.       By – Kushal Sinha 



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