PAS 17: Hercules gets a makeover

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The Lockheed Martin’s C130 is undoubtedly the workhorse of US Armed Forces and an international symbol in itself as more than 2,500+ airframes have been delivered to 68 countries worldwide.

“There is no aircraft in aviation history — either developed or under development — that can match the flexibility, versatility and relevance of the C-130J Super Hercules. In continuous production longer than any other military aircraft, the C-130 has earned a reputation as a workhorse ready for any mission, anywhere, anytime.” –
Lockheed Martin

And now it is getting a makeover. In a first LM has revealed a new version of the Super Herc at the Paris Air Show 2017, C130J SOF for international export, that focuses on, as its name suggests, Special Operations.

Today Lockheed Martin Corp. presented the  variant of the C-130J Super Hercules built for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, armed overwatch, and on-demand forward aerial refueling, among other features. The plane comes in a stealthy black paint associated with such operations and has equipment which were added on output and experience from various customers. The new variant can also be configured for armed overwatch by adding special mission equipment options such as a 30-mm gun and Hellfire missiles, helicopter/fighter/vertical lift aerial refueling, and Forward Area Refueling Point operations.

Lockheed expects interest from nations in the Pacific and Middle East, he said, and anticipates building 100 to 200 of the aircraft for international buyers. As is standard practice, all international sales of the aircraft would have to be approved by the U.S. government.

While standard configurations of the C-130J sell for roughly $70 million, Tony Frese, vice president of business development for Air Mobility and Maritime Missions for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics said this aircraft would likely start in the mid-$80 million range, with more for additional modifications.

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