Operation Mahakal : First Part

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Chapter 1 terror strikes

It was a crisp morning and the CO of the Counter Insurgency Force (CIF) V / Victor Force Sector 1 of the Rashtriya rifles was a worried man 
The news on the Inter forces CommNet was that there was a massacre at the Amaranth shrine in which 1000 devotees had lost their lives in a massive suicide attack by the bloody cowards.
His Intel had noted that there was a distinct possibility of a huge attack on a place of religious significances with the aim to cause maximum death and carnage 
He had passed the Intel topside to the concerned “authorities”
But they might not have “Actioned” on the info yet 
Any way the counter terror grid was warming up and things were about to get hot 
Col Manoj “May fair” Chauhan had an intuition that these attacks were the final straw for both the Indian people and the Republic 
As he was in this train of thought his second in command briskly walked in to the room and delivered him a printed transcript 
The Col acknowledged the salute and recipe of the note and asked the young captain to take a seat and red the note 
Northern command Indian Army 
Immediate tasking order No 2189Bravo
Level 1 classified 
To commander Counter Insurgency Force (CIF) V / Victor Force Sector 1
Mission brief 
Advised to suspend all missions relating to civilian out reach 
With immediate effect 
Weapons free on all hostiles in all sectors 
Move for high intensity CIOPS and domination of Line of control 
All leaves stand cancelled with immediate effect 
All combat personnel to report Parent formations 
The CTG is as of now a Theater level command 
And all units are placed under Army command 
COS Northern Command / COAS / 

Chapter 2 search and cordon
Early next morning the news channels all across the country from New Delhi to Cochin was ablaze with the fact that a massive counter terror operations were been conducted all across the country.
Many critics rated this as a usual knee jerk reaction to an attack 
The government was all the more happy to play along and add to the confusion 
In Kashmir it was turning out to be a very bad day for the Tangos 
As they say in the army the center also implemented the Armed forces Special powers act and to add to this center revoked Herbies coups in the state 
The leaders of the huriyatt conference and the JKLF were put under house arrest 

Kashmiris were shocked at the intensity of the raids this cordon and search operation was just the begging 
On the political front the central government and the Jammu and Kashmir government on mutual consent placed the government of the state under governor’s rule 
And the next was to abrogate Article 309 it was been made abundantly clear to all that the Indian state and People has had enough of these so called insurgency the government also placed a media gag on total coverage ongoing operations to prevent a repeat of the mistake of argil 
The opposition as always were quelling like public school debate captains and looking to score brownie points by harping the side of the “poor Kashmiri youths” but a “meeting” with the PMO silenced them for good 
On the front the Indian Forces “accidently” “Leaked” a few videos of RR troops “playing” with the youth the video became viral on the net and the video was 
Posted first on a certain defenceforumindia.com posted by some member 
On the LOC both Army and BSF gunners had target practice hitting 
BAT HQ’s but the local commanders were told by High command to “look” the 
Other way,
The known self-styled “commanders” of all tango organizations were 
Made to meet their maker there was no handing over the dead bodies these time 
They were just burned and reduced to ashes 
This day would go down in history as a day when the Indian Army showed how ruthless it could be 
The PMO was closely following the events and the PMO called for a Joint conference of all political parties both central and state parties 
But there was a difference this time 
The Chairman of the Joint staffs committee was also invited along with the DG IB and Sectary Resrech 
The ministry of foreign affairs was in top gear with a communique going out to all Indian ambassadors and high commissioners to brief their respective host governments on the Indian cause and on the inevitability of war 
At least a limited one because this time India was adamant that there would be no dossier tennis this time enough was enough 
The government had asked the intelligence community to start liquidating known moles and “enemy assets” both in country and within the forces 
India also withdrew from the SOC and also withdrew from the SARC 
The government also “politely” asked the UNMGIP to evacuate the positions on the LOC in Pakistan 
The drums of war has been stuck and the consorts of Mars licked their lips in anticipation of blood and carnage



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