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The XV-2004 is a versatile maritime surveillance airborne radar system delivering excellent performance in maritime surveillance and SAR missions. The radar is easily adaptable to multiple platforms to search , detect and track multiple targets at long. The radar has good sea clutter suppression features to detect small targets. In addition to the standard air to sea surface search modes with TWS , this radar provides high resolution range signature and ISAR image of the target which enables the user to classify the intercepted target. There is an air to air mode to detect and track aerial targets. Other modes include navigation. The radar provides 360 degree azimuth coverage either in belly mounted or in chin mounted configuration


* Open system structure
* Plug in software modules
* Programmable signal and data processor
* Sea clutter mitigation techniques
* Track while scan with automatic tracking of 100 targets
* Continuous and sector scanning
* Short Blind Zine for landing on ship
* High instantaneous bandwith
* High resulation modes – RS and ISAR
* Interleaved TES and RS profile
* Staring mode fir ISAR
* Pulse to pulse frequency agility
* Display orientation (Aircraft heading , North Reference, Fixed ground reference)
* Navigation waypoint and ground map overlay
* Weather avoidance with 5 colour coding
* Detection of SART Beacon for search and rescue
* ECCM Features
* Tactical mission system integration capability



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