LEDS 150 : Active Protection System

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LEDS standing for “Land Electronic Defence System”,is a modular family of Active Protection Suites developed by the Swedish Company SAAB. The family includes LEDS-50 laser warning system, the LED-100 softkill protection systems, and three versions of hardkill active protection systems designated LEDS-150, LEDS-200 and LEDS-300, as part of a common modular family.The soft kill system LED-50 provides 360° azimuth coverage of a platform lasers associated with anti-armour threats (up to 8 threats simultaneously), by using four LWS-310 sensors. Full hemispherical coverage and anti-reflection capability can be provided by adding a LWS-500 top attack and anti-reflection sensor.According to company claims, it has a single pulse probability of intercept >95% in a single emitter environment and in a Multi-pulse probability of intercept > 99% in a single emitter environment. It also has a user definable threat library tool.As per company claims,LEDS-150 is claimed to be effective against RPGs, anti-armour missiles, recoilless rifles and anti-tank guns firing HE, HESH and HEAT ammunition and can intercept at greater than 5 m stand-off. It offers a 360° azimuth and -15° to +65° elevation coverage with full hemispherical coverage as an option. It Can accommodate up to 12 ready rounds that can be loaded in any combination of soft-kill and hard-kill. LEDS-150 system unit comprises of a radar system and IR tracking sensors along with a computer unit and two hardkill launchers known as “high speed directed launchers” (HSDL),with each HSDL holding six Mongoose-1 missiles.  LEDS doesn’t use fragmenting warheads,like Trophy and thus poses only limited danger to nearby infantry.LEDS-200 ,employs an automatically triggered foam generation system thus a softkill protection system against top-attack missiles,which alters the vehicles physical shape and thermal signature,thus rendering the targets invisible to fire-and-forget missiles. It also works as a fire extinguisher on the top of the vehicle to put out fire due to petrol bombs or other fuel weapons.LEDS-300 has a long range capability for HSDLs, which can engage ATGMs and RPGs to a distance of 150 metres.

India considered LEDS 150 originally for Arjun series tanks. But high chances of being seen service with T-90 MS too. 

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