#KnowYourSoldier, Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey’s Bravery Led To India’s Victory In The 1999 Kargil War.

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Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey’s bravery led to India’s victory in the 1999 Kargil war.

Born on 25 June 1975 in  family of Shri Gopi Chand Pandey, Captain Manoj was a brilliant  student & sportsman. He was always top in his academics & won hundreds of certificates and cups during his schooling. He cleared NDA in his first attempt, in his SSB interview his assessor asked why do you want to join army-he replayed, to get PARAM VIR CHAKRA & he got it.

Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey was a man with a snickering face and glad mien. He did his tutoring at “Rani Laxmibai College” , from that point he went to “U.P.Sainik school. He generally got first rank in his scholastics, plus, he was an inside and out games man. His side interests were Hockey, Swimming and games.

His mom Smt. Mohini Pandey enlivened him towards the profound quality and deep sense of being. He did confidence in God and had clear pondered life and passing. He immovably trusted that everybody has a specific time of life henceforth one ought to accomplish something awesome to move the general population. he adored youngsters in particular. He attempted to gather each sort of learning so he picked distinctive books to peruse, even he concentrated the books of crystal gazing and palmistry.

“If death strikes before I prove my blood, I swear I will kill death.”

These were the words of Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey.

Amid the 1999 Kargil war, he drove his troop to catch the Jubar top. Amid this, Pakistan kept on terminating on his men. Exhibiting a demonstration of grit, he ventured out in front of his troop and shot a ton of slugs. He was injured by bullets on the leg and shoulder.

As a piece of Operation Vijay, he was made a request to clear the foe positions in the midst of overwhelming shooting. Fearlessly striking the first foe position, he slaughtered 2 foes and crushed the second position by killing 2 more. While clearing third, slugs harmed his shoulder and legs. Resolute, he kept on driving the strike on the fourth, which he annihilated with an explosive. Toward the end, a slug entered his brow.

His thrill seeker act prompted to the catch of Khalubar.



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