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(The original IWI Galil Sniper which chambered 5.56 rounds)

Galil sniper rifle (also known in IDF as GALATZ) is, basically, an improved Galil assault rifle, redesigned to fire 7.62mm NATO (.308win) cartridge.

(The improved version of IWI Galil , IWI Galatz) 

1. The 5.56x45mm NATO chambering of the original Galil was changed in favor of the larger and heavier 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge which offered better performance at longer ranges.
2. The basic Galil gas-operated, rotating bolt function was kept, as was the receiver housing the charging handle, ejection port, fire selector and all important internal components.
3. The gas cylinder was fitted over the barrel in true Kalashnikov style while the two-strut folding stock allowed for a more compact weapon when transporting.
4. The firing action (through a two-stage trigger) was, however, limited to semi-automatic fire which played well with the precision side of the weapon.
5. The stock also held an adjustable cheekpiece and recoil pad for added comfort.
6. Key additions to the design were a heavy duty precision barrel, an adjustable folding bipod and a standard telescopic sight (Nimrod 6×40. The scope mount is mounted to the side of the receiver rather than the top, with the scope rings positioned above and to the left of the receiver. This allows the iron sights to be used without removing the scope, which is impossible on many weapons in this class).The barrel was heavier than in the base Galil and capped by a dual-use muzzle brake/muzzle compensator attachment.
7. The bipod was fitted just ahead of the magazine feed, within easy reach of the operator. The bipod folded forwards up against the forestock when not needed. The scope mounting was found along the left side of the receiver while the stock folding over the right side – though not impeding gun functionality in any way. Iron sights were retained as a backup measure to the standard scope.
8. The original shape of the pistol grip is retained, though the Galatz its made of plastic, with a rubber coating. The wooden foregrip is a new and simpler, more rectangular design.

(The Nimrod scope) 

ADVANTAGE – Extreme reliability compared with the AK Assault Rifle. Ability to use the main and additional sights at once. Interchangeable magazines with US ones. Interchangeable parts with the “Galil” automatic rifle. Adjustable buttstock. The “Galatz” joins the best qualities from the separate assault and automatic rifles.

DISADVANTAGE –   A bit low power for a sniper rifle. The “Galatz” is more likely is a tactical support weapon than a real sniper rifle.



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