India to Hand Over Sri Lanka  Largest Warship in Her Navy’s History

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The Sri Lankan Navy is nearly authorizing its biggest warship, which has been worked in India under a Rs 1,000-crore contract inked four years back for two such vessels.The maker, state-claimed Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL), will convey the main seaward watch vessel to the Sri Lankan Navy at a function at the yard on July 22.The 105-meter long warship,  with a dislodging of around 2400 tons, is relied upon to be charged into the Sri Lankan Navy on August 2.Sri Lanka will get the second warship in February 2018, again three months in front of schedule.Such watch vessels do a few parts including armada bolster operations, sea observation, barrier of seaward establishments and escorting high esteem ships.Capable of achieving a best speed of 25 hitches, the vessels have been intended to oblige a helicopter on their flight decks.The shipyard will likewise convey a quick watch vessel to Mauritius on August 9, the fourteenth such vessel to be conveyed to that nation amid the most recent two years.
According to the source, this ship will be christened as SLNS Sayurala. It is based on ICGS Sankalp which is the most advanced ship in Samar class. Powered by 2 Kirloskar-SEMT-Pielstick 16 PA V280 diesels it can advance even 7000 nm. Armed with 76mm OTO Melara , 2 7.62mm MGs and one HAL ALH has considerable firepower. 
The featured image is of a Samar Class ship, the similar platform which Sri Lankan Navy will receive.



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