IAF looks for 7 SIGINT and COMJAM planes

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Indian Airforce has released a RFI to procure five aircraft for the SIGINT and COMJAM roles and two aircraft for SIGINT role.

The general requirements of the RFI dictate that Five aircraft should be suitably integrated by the OEM and certified for the SIGINT and COMJAM roles. Two aircraft should be certified to perform the SIGINT role. The basic platform for all the seven aircraft is to be the same platform and is to comply with FAA/JAAR or equivalent standards. The role equipment and role performance is to comply with related Mil STD/ equivalent stipulations.

The IAF wants it to have a complement of just two pilots and plane being completely tropicalised and should have an internal start capability at OAT of up to -40°C and +30°C at airfield elevation of 3300 m AMSL.

The aircraft should have minimum capacity to seat at least ten passengers and four resting bunkers. The modifications for installation of role equipment would be in Y class area with provision for minimum seven operator workstations.

The navigational equipment would include IRNSS based Dual / Multi feed Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS/GLONASS) with ECCM capability.

The endurance of the plane should be for about 8 hrs with range of 4000 nm or more with max take-off AUW.

The protective suite should include CMDS, RWR, MAWS and DIRCM.

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