High Nitrogen Steel for Future Tank Armor Developed By DRDO

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The Technology of handling Nickel Free High-Nitrogen Steel (HNS) has been produced by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).HNS has been found to have potential for use in shield applications. Non-restrictive Transfer of Technology (ToT) has been given to M/s Jindal Stainless Hisar Limited, a private industry, on first March, 2017. This being a non-elite ToT, the innovation can likewise been exchanged to whatever other private or open industry, intrigued by retaining this technology.However, the ToT does not include a supply assention. The improvement of HNS was started as a fundamental Research and Development (R&D) and the innovation fits to the approach of ‘Make in India’ activity. HNS has potential for use in all reinforcement applications. Be that as it may, for material to be qualified and utilized as a part of a particular combat vehicle application, it needs to experience many sorts of tests by the originators of the vehicle, including ballistic testing against particular ammo. The capability of any material for its presentation into any protected application is a long procedure and HNS has not yet been met all requirements for use in these applications.

The HNS is most important in the application of armoured shield for Main Battle Tanks. According to DRDO new kind of armour can be developed by HNS which will drastically reduce weight of exusting highly effective but bulky Kanchan Armour. The main reason of rejection of Arjun series tanks in large no was said to be the weight issue. Which is now likely to be demolished. Not just FMBT will don this new armour but future Arjun Mk 2 series tanks too also going to be refurbished with the new armour.

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