2S1 122mm GVozdika Howitzers of Syria

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Fawj Maghawir al-Bahr (Syrian Naval Marines) with new 2S1 122mm Gvozdika Self Propelled Howitzer from Russia
Features of this weapon system-

1) GUN

• Fitted with D 32 122mm Rifled Howitzer

•Maximum Rate of fire of this is 4-5 rounds per minute

•The gun is compatible with all the 122 mm munitions developed for D 30 Howitzer and these include FRAGMENTATION, HE-FRAG, HEAT, CLUSTER, SMOKE and ILLUMINATION rounds

•This system can carry a maximum of 40 rounds which usually consists of 35 HE-FRAG and 5 HEAT rounds , and the maximum range of HE-FRAG roun is 15.2 km

•The turret can traverse a full 360 degrees and provides for an elevation range of +70 to -3 degrees.

• The 2S1 Gvozdika has a crew of four which includes a gunner , driver , commander and a loader

• The hull and turret are welded from steel armour , this provides protection to the crew from small arms and artillery shell splinters

• The system is Nuclear Biological & Chemical (NBC) protected

•Armour protection is 20mm at its thickest

•InfraRed Night Vision capabilities for driver and commander

•The 2S1 Gvosdika is based on the modified MT-LB multi-purpose armored vehicle chassis. Vehicle is powered by the YaMZ-238V diesel engine, developing 240 horsepower.

•The vehicle is amphibious if the shell capacity is reduced to 30 and the maximum amphibious speed iicle is propelled by its tracks. Maximum amphibious speed is 4.5 km/h.

•The 2S1 Gvosdika SPH can be airlifted by An-12, Il-76 or C-130 transport aircraft



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