Future Ready Combat Vehicles (FRCVs) Will Not Discard Arjun Mk-II Tank: Lt Gen AB Shivane

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Tender for Future Ready Combat Vehicles (FRCVs) is not a global tender but will be procured under strategic partnership. The new tank will be indigenous tank, in which IPR and technology will be owned by India. The tank will be India to replace old fleet of T-72, which were inducted in 1972. Life of a tank is 32 years, which can further be extended by 4-5 years. Then we have to look for another tank to plug gap in our security. Arjun Mk-I is already with Indian Army and under stabilization. The indigenous content is increased. We will look at Arjun Mark-II as MBT Arjun Mk-I become fully indigenous and stabilized. FRCV is not discarding Arjun Mk-II. Arjun Mk-II is under trial and orders are placed when trials get completed. Integrated trials with missile firing capability are yet to be conducted. T-72 was inducted in 1979 and T -90 in 2001. We are upgrading the fleet as itsgetting older. Many factor are being consolidated to make that battle ready as on date either on western front or on northern front.

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