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Extreme heat of Indian Troopic climate (ambient temperature as high as 45-48 degrees) adversely the performance and health of persons. PCM cool vest has been developed to protect person from adverse effects of high heat exposure

The cool jacket has 12 pockets in the front and back, in which packets of phase change material (PCM) are kept. PCM packets help to keep the body cool for approximately four hours. After that, they have to be kept in a deep freezer for recharging. After recharge, these packets can be re-used.

The jacket provide respite to jawans by keeping their body temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. The PCM packets absorb body’s excessive heat, thus cooling the soft tissues and blood as it circulates through the cardiovascular system.

The cost of the jacket is nearly Rs 2,000 and weighs between 1.5 kg and 2kg. It is easy to wear and the shelf life of a PCM is nearly six months. Once it is approved, these jackets will be made available in open market.


  • Utilises latent heat to PCM to provide coolness in field
  • Reduces sweat loss significantly and stabilises heart rate , body temperature within safe limit
  • Multiple pockets to hold PCM cool packs
  • Total Weight 1-2 kg
  • Recharging of PCM packs in 3-4 hours by keeping in deep freeze
  • Comfort duration 2-4 hours


Currently its under trail with different agencies and wings of the Army. It has successfully passed the trails with the Border Security Force , BMP crew , soldiers with NBC suits and currently its under trial with the 43 armoured regiment

By – Kushal Sinha



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