Cutting Edge Tech For Indian Aircraft Carrier

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As the time is progressing, the United States and India are becoming more close allies of each other. As defence cooperation is increasing between two, it is becoming more easy for India to get cutting edge technology which still now was meant for only the US and very close allies of them. A recent development of such is cooperation in aircraft carrier technology. It is being reported that both nations have entered the final stages of a negotiation to equip future aircraft carrier with a state-of-the-art electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS). A U.S. delegation team led by Rear Adm. Brian Antonio, the U.S. Navy’s Program Executive Officer for aircraft carriers, met with Indian counterparts from October 29–31. The Indian delegation was led by Vice Admiral DM Deshpande, Controller Warship Production and Acquisition.There has been an agreement on using an electrical system to power its future carrier instead of nuclear propulsion systems which is used by the US Navy. It is being reported that the United States is ready to power the EMALS with integrated electric propulsion rather than nuclear power . This will involve installation of giant capacitors for storage and discharge of power. General Atomics developed Electromagnetic aircraft launch systems which is considered as the most advanced aircraft launch systems in the world currently. And not just the launch system,US eyes to win the contract of supplying new naval fighter aircrafts  to Indian Navy.
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