Combat Improved Ajey : Features 

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Since 80s India have inducted more than 2400 T-72 tanks. To make these large fleet of T-72s operational and to meet 21st century combat need Indian government approved a T-72 upgrade program, code- named Project Rhino. The modified T-72s are known as Combat Improved Ajeyas. Even these CIAs have gone through another level of modification.
The new system has:
1.Polish SKO-1T Drawa-T fire control systems

2.Thermal Imagers supplied by Polish PCO/Cenzin 

3.DRDO’s explosive reactive armor ERA-II

4.Navigation system from Israeli Tamam, german Litef or South African RDI

5. Locally developed laser warning system, manufactured by BEL

6.New radios manufactured by Tadiran or GES Marconi

7.Improved NBC protection system developed by DRDO

8.1,000 HP (750 kW) engine made by Polish firm PZL-Wola

9.New fire detection /suppression system 

10. DRDO made Indigenous 125 mm Smooth bore gun

There will be some 1800-2000 Combat Improved Ajeya where as currently 968 Ajeya Mk.1 have been upgraded and modified to Ajeya Mk. 2 level (2015 data) . Ajeya Mk. 2 certainly does not have in the same capabilities of T 90 or Arjun, but for a considerabley long time it can take on most MBTs operated by Pakistan or PRC. Undoubtly it will increase the capabilities and strength of Indian Armour Regiment.



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