COAPS on Arjun Mk2

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COAPS Setting sight on the tank “Arjun” Mk.2 made by Elbit, together with the Indian company Bangalore-based Serial Innovations.

The sight is open architecture modular platform stabilized in two planes. This allows you to easily and cost-effectively amend or modify the design, reduces the cost of maintenance and repair.

Allows easy installation 3-5mkm band thermal imaging camera, or 8-12mkm (target detection range 5 km); camcorder with the ability to scale HDTV color image format (target detection range of 5 km), a laser range finder (operating distance 10km).

Stabilization of an independent two-plane. It provides an overview of 360 degrees. horizontal and -20 to +60 deg. vertical. The sight has ballistic protection from bullets and shrapnel.

Provides integration into military carrier system, work in “search-destroy” mode. The COAPS is a dual axis stabilised line-of-sight, remote-operated, periscopic system for independent target acquisition, battlefield surveillance and main gun firing in a ‘hunter-killer’ auto-track mode. The COAPS will use a SAGEM-built Matis-STD thermal imager (to be supplied to ELOP as customer-furnished equipment) that operates in the 3-5 micron bandwidth, while the gunner’s sight will employ a THALES-built Catherine-FC thermal imager (to be supplied to ELOP as customer-furnished equipment), operating in the 8-12 micron bandwidth.

Some of its main advantages and features are :

Facilitates long-range target acquisition day and night, in both

• stationary and mobile situations ,Wide range of advanced sensors, including 3-5μm or 8-12μm

• thermal imagers, color zoom camera and eyesafe laser range : finder (ELRF), as well as

-Built-in electronic unit

– Independently stabilized dual-axis

– Dedicated ballistic protection

–Independent 360º panoramic view

• Provides hunter-killer capabilities with the turret system

• through the existing GMS

It prime applications are :

– Fire control computation

– Long-range target acquisition

– Independent surveillance

<<Pic Credits – Elbit Systems and owners>>



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