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The china Pakistan friendship highway stretches over 13,000 km from the western Chinese city of Kashgar through the world’s highest mountain pass and across the border
For the dragon the friendship corridor symbolises the depending and warm relations between the two counties , backed by billions of dollars worth infrastructure projects
But for many Pakistani traders who are working on the communist soil is a one way trade route which is only favourable for China.
“China saya our friend ship is as high as the Himalayas and Deep as the sea , but it has no heart”, said a Pakistani businessman Murad Shah aa he tended his shop in Tashkurgan , 120 km from the mountain pass where trucks line up to cross between China’a Xinjian region and Pakistan.

(China’s Xinjiang Province) 

“There is no benefit for Pakistan. Its all about expanding China’s growth” Mr. Shah said

The remote town which has a population of mere 9000 is at centre of Dragon’s one of the most important project for global trade , which is the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which plans to connect China with Arabian Sea via Gwadar Port
The CPEC is considered to be the most important artery of the China’s Ambitious plan of global dominance and trade that it calls the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, the motive behind this trillion dollar project is to spread the Chinese footprint across the world , strengthen ties with other countries and take over ports and other vital assets of other countries through its “Debt Trap” tactic.

(The Map of China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) which is considered to be the jewel project of China’s OBOR project) 

(China’s mammoth infrastructure project which it calls the One Belt One Road initiative, which will help China Increase its footprint across the globe) 

In 2013 , Beijing and Islamabad signed agreements worth $46 billion dollar to build transport and energy infrastructure along the CPEC corridor and China has upgraded the treacherous mountain road better known as the Karakoram Highway.

While both the countries happily project this infrastructure project to be a win-win situation for both the side , but statistics narrate a completely different story. By the development of CPEC Pakistan’s export to its “bonhomie” China has dipped by 8% in the second half of 2016 , while imports from China increased by 29%. Recently Pakistan alleged the China has flooded its market with steel which was available at low cost and threatened to respond with high tariffs.
Pakistani businessmen who have their units in Xinjiang see fee benefits from CPEC , complaining of intrusive security and capricious customs arrangements. They also complain that products from China can easily enter into Pakistan and flow into their markets without any hassle but when story is different when it comes to a Pakistani good getting into China as the tariffs are not declared and can fluctuate without prior notice , sometimes the Chinese officials blatantly deny the entry of Pakistani goods
Roughly twenty years ago traders from Pakistan were charged between 8 to 15 yuan per kilo to being precious stones. The duty on stones since has spiked to 50 yuan per kilo a trader said.

(The muslim dominated province of Xinjiang has seen violence and oppression over the years by the communist government) 

Pakistani traders who are mostly Muslims also face security issues in the Xinjiang province. Over the years the communists tyrants have tried their level best to eradicate the Islamic extremism from the Xinjiang province which has a large muslim population by flooding in tens of thousands of security personnels and have imposed draconian and marshal law.

– Kushal Sinha



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