China Mobilizes Troops Near DPRK Border 

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A large no of media spokespersons are claiming ng that People’s Republic of China has mobilized troops whose strength can be upto 150,000 near border with the North Korea amidst fear of US Navy Carrier Battle Group which sailed near North Korea

The Chosun, a DPRK media, informs that 150000 strong members of PLA were moved to the border of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in order to prepare for “Unforeseen Circumstances.” ,the fear of a possible Syrian style military attack by the United States upon DPRK.

US President Donald Trump’s decision to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syrian air base last week in retaliation for President Assad’s alleged chemicle gas attack . The tension increases after US navy mobilized CBG towards the DPRK.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the strike action against Syria was a warning to other countries including North Korea that “a response is likely” if they pose a threat.



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