China asks US to cancel arms sales to Taiwan

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Just as the Trump administration decided to sell arms worth $1.4 Billion to the tiny island of Taiwan, China demanded the deal to be cancelled as it violates its sovereignty.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lu Kang said the sale ran counter to China’s vital security interests and would be a gross violation of the stated commitment by the U.S. to a “one China” policy.

The sale reportedly included technical support for early warning radar, anti-radiation missiles, torpedoes and components for SM-2 (Standard Missile-2) missiles, one of the U.S. Navy’s primary anti-air weapons. The sales also included AGM-154 Joint Standoff air-to-surface missiles.

The State Department and the Pentagon had approved another $1 billion arms sale in December of 2016 similar to the one signed Thursday, but President Barack Obama held off on final approval to allow the incoming Trump administration make the decision.

The last U.S. arms sale to Taiwan, approved during the Obama administration in December 2015, was worth $1.8 billion and included two de-commissioned U.S. Navy frigates, minesweepers, Stinger missiles, and anti-armor and anti-tank missiles.

US although severed ties, formally, with Taiwan during 70s by president Nixon, a private institute , American Institute in Taiwan carries out informal diplomatic activities and an informal presence of US in Taiwan.



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