British SuperCarrier faces another setback

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With multiple setbacks just piling up and infecting various projects of Royal Navy,  ranging from their front line next generation Destroyers to their nuclear  submarines and Navy retiring AShMs and effectively leaving the ships toothless, a new setback delays their most ambitious project.

A Royal Navy spokesperson was quoted saying –

“There are areas of the hull of HMS Queen Elizabeth where the top-coat of paint has not adhered to the undercoat.

We have worked with our suppliers to find out the reasons why and are putting in place a process to bring this to the right standard ahead of sea trials.”

The ship was expected to go to sea trials this spring but was moved to summer this year. This might result in further delays

Although Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Harriet Baldwin was quoted saying, “I would just like to confirm to him that she will commence her sea trials this Summer, and she will enter into the same programme so that she can sail into Portsmouth later this year.”

But with delays mounting up again and again who knows what might be the actual one. The unready crew was also a source of delay at the beginning of the year, which now seems to be sorted out as the minister added that the crew was ready.

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