Boeing gets a $2.2 billion contract for new P-8A Poseidons

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Boeing has been awarded a new contract for its P-8A Poseidons MR/ASW platforms. The contract, worth $2.2 billion, reportedly for at least 17 such aircrafts is a multi national one, according to a press release by the firm.

Under new contract, the firm will provide USN with 11 airframes, 4 to Australia’s already existing fleet of P8s and will provide Royal Navy with its first set of Poseidons, with delivery scheduled for 2019.

The contract has an extension clause for about 32 more such planes as well as money for long-lead parts for future orders. With everything included, the contract is worth $6.8 billion.

“The P-8A is a textbook example of Boeing’s commercial derivative expertise,” said Jamie Burgess, vice president of Boeing Military Aircraft’s Mobility, Surveillance & Engagement division and the P-8 program manager. “Every day our customers get to fly incredible aircraft that perform exceptionally well and are built by the best of Boeing,” he added.

After the deliveries are complete UK will become the fourth customer of the P8 platform, other than 53 operated by USN, 8+4 P-8I by Indian Navy,  2 used by Royal Australian Airforce.

Pic Credits – Boeing



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