ASLESHA – 3D Low Level Light Weight Radar

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ASLESHA is a multifaceted ground based 3D low lwvwl light weighr Surveillance radar for deployment in diverser terrains like plains , dessert , mountain tops and high Altitude regions. ASLESHA detects and tracks heterogeneous air targets , including helicopters , fighters and UAVs at low and medium altitudes. The radar can scan the valley. It provides accurate range , azimuth and height information for each target with electronically steerable multibeam technology in elevation. The radar sweeps 360 degree in azimuth and 30 degree in elevation to provide air space awareness.

Semi-distributed active aperture radar uses advanced VLSI and high speed digital technologies like high efficiency T/R modules , DDS , Digital receiver and programmable signal processor to provide 3D air space awareness with high accuracy, resolution and reliability. As all the main radar subsystem are on the rotating platform, this radar architecture obviates the two most common single point failure by dispensing with power rotary joints and central transmitter thereby making the radar system extremely reliable

The radar is easily re-located and can be deployed or can be decamped in less than 15 minutes. The radar is engineered in multiple packages to enable easy transportability in mountainous terrain by vehicles , group of men , or as an underslung carriage by a helicopter. The remote operation of the radar provides safety to the crew during operation. The facility also enables the commander to deploy the radar at a tactically favourable point.

The Quadripod mounted radar is built to operate in networked or stand alone mode to support joint independent operations by Air Force. Multi ECCM features help the radar to deliver intended performance even under intense EM environment.

ASLESHA being compact , light weight and modular can be used in different innovative roles like air space surveillance in urban area for VVIPs and large critical


  • 3D Surveillance for aerial targets at low and medium altitude
  • Detection and tracking of fighter aircraft, helicopters, slow moving micro light aircraft and UAVs
  • Track while scan of up to 100 targets
  • Full 3D capabilities using multi beam technology
  • Integrated IFF and side lobe blanking
  • Extensive BIT
  • Enable for networking with integrated aaterix protocol
  • Easy transpotable be men , light vehicles and under slung by helicopter
  • Fast and easy to install and decamp
  • Remote operation and display through Commanders Display Unit (CDU)
  • Separation of CDU from the radar up to 1000m
  • Net Radar Weight < 200 kg excluding power source , each sub assembly weighing <40 kg



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